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Fishing in the Redfish Capital of the World

The Mosquito Lagoon is 21,000 acres of pristine primeval waters. These waters are unique, they’re where saltwater and freshwater meet. The brackish waters are an estuary and home to a variety of fish. Specifically, this shoal is a haven for Redfish, and is referred to by many as “The Redfish Capital of the World.”

The Lagoon is unique among inland bodies of water along Florida’s Atlantic Coast – visitors feel a sense of seclusion while merely minutes away from boat ramps and other attractions, although, after visiting the Mosquito Lagoon, you most likely won’t be compelled to return to the hustle and bustle of the city. One angler, who often fishes the lagoon, called the region “unchanged in 10,000 years (FDEP).”

The waters are free of residential and commercial development. According to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP), lagoons are inland bodies of water with restricted outlets to the sea. These waters are brackish, shallow and inhabited by a myriad of sea life. It’s not just sense of seclusion that makes fishing Mosquito Lagoon unique, that water is inhabited by Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin. These aquatic mammals can often be seen in twelve foot deep waters. The combination of flora and fauna make for a perfect fishing getaway.

The Mosquito Lagoon’s salinity levels are comparable to the ocean. Salinity allows for an abundance of sea life to spawn in this body of water – expect to reel-in Redfish! Numerous Redfish world records were reeled-in from these brackish waters. Additionally, prize Seatrout jump from the lagoon for the angler’s bait. Mosquito Lagoon offers the region’s best shellfish trapping. Oysters are abundant and may be caught by the barrel along one of the many sandbars. Additionally, Stone Crab and Blue Crab are abundant in the lagoon. The angler may also trap shrimp.

If you plan to visit the lagoon by boat, go via catamaran! Some areas of the lagoon may be a mere six inches deep. Boats with a shallow drafting hull navigate the waters best. Additionally, navigation of the lagoon may be tricky. Waterways often dead end and landmarks lose visibility.

The Mosquito Lagoon offers a perfect combination of scenery and fishing, while just minutes away from other attractions. Expect to catch Redfish and Seatrout along this exotic shoal.

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