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Orlando is getaway for anglers and thrill seekers alike! Families will find an endless variety of entertainment – the region is renowned for theme parks, water parks, sports arenas, and golf. However, there’s a hidden gem located just outside the cities hustle and bustle, the Mosquito Lagoon.

The Mosquito Lagoon engulfs 21,000 acres of unadulterated waters. This shoal is unique among the world’s waters, it’s where saltwater and freshwater meet. these placid waters are renowned for one of the anglers most prized catches, Redfish, AKA Red Drum. It’s said the Mosquito Lagoon is “The Redfish Capital of the World.” Numerous Red Fish and exotic birds inhabit this pristine shoal.

These brackish waters are an estuary: home to a variety of exotic birds. According to Mosquitolagoonrvpark.com, Cranes, Owls, Woodpeckers, and Waterfowl are among the catalog of birds that await you. Those who are crafty with a camera will capture Florida’s breathtaking avian life: Pelicans, Storks and other shore inhabiting birds dive for their catch alongside the angler, and birds of prey, such as Eagles and Falcons, nest along the shoal.

Numerous world record sized Redfish were reeled-in from Mosquito Lagoon. There’s no joy like reeling-in one of these delicacies with the family. An angler, at Saltstrong.com, candidly shares this advice to reel-in a Redfish:

  • Remain vigil for Redfish in the weeds
  • Have an artificial lure readily available
  • Always proceed with stealth

Redfish lurk among the shoals’ shallow shores. Many anglers neglect to look among the reeds for this, at times elusive, fish. Moreover, artificial lures readily catch the eye of a massive Red Fish, especially those that mimic the creature’s prey. Stealth is the anglers best friend, and this is especially true while fishing in the Mosquito Lagoon. Aside from Redfish, Seatrout readily takes the bait, while drifting atop the lagoon. Moreover, the Mosquito Lagoon offers the region’s best shellfish trapping. Oysters are abundant and may be caught by the barrel along one of the many sandbars. Additionally, Stone Crab, Blue Crab, and Shrimp are plentiful in the lagoon. Live Shrimp, being a natural prey for many of the region’s fish, make an unbeatable bait!

Families will encounter a myriad of sea life, while atop the lagoon. It’s not just Redfish that attract admirers. The shoal is inhabited by schools of Atlantic Bottle-nosed Dolphin. These aquatic mammals can often be seen in twelve foot deep waters. With so many entertainment options, Orlando is the perfect family getaway.

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