Fort Pierce Fishing Report mid-March

March 20, 2020

We have lots happening in Fort Pierce as we speak; at least between the wind storms. The inlet has been active as has the Intracoastal basin (the waters adjacent to the north/south marked channel” and so have the shallow water flats.

Those anchoring or drifting the edges on the Intracoastal Channel have been taking good numbers of pompano, snappers, croakers and much, much more. While live or cooked (pink) sand fleas will up your catch of pompano they along with everything else are eating shrimp just fine.

Drifting the inlet channel edges with live pinfish weighted just enough to keep the bait near bottom should result in a few snook bites. Their activity levels very greatly as is their preference of tide. Patience is a virtue at this time if catching snook is your goal.

From the south jetty the usual suspects of snook, sheepshead, snappers, pompano, jacks and Spanish mackerel are being caught in fair numbers. The more exciting activity going on right now is the Spinner sharks chasing schools of mackerel both around the mouth of the inlet and near the shoreline beaches. Yes, these can be had by surf anglers, jetty anglers and boaters alike!

The backwater and open water flats are simply alive with ladyfish and small jacks. Expect plenty of spotted seatrout too with a few of them over the new nineteen inch upper slot limit. Z-Man Jerk Shadz, Curly Tailz and Minnowz are all producing plenty. Up-sizing your soft plastic lure to a four or five inch Diezel Minnowz with reduce your total bite count, but will also increase the overall size of the trout and snook you’ll catch.

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