Fort Pierce Fishing Report for the Week of 10-8-2023

October 12, 2023
fort pierce snook
This under slot snook fell to a Z-man four inch Diezel Minnowz. The fish was stationed along a drop-off near a prominent tide swept point.

Hit the water with Ric on Friday. My goal was to fish an area I haven’t been in a month or so and see if the mullet run was strong here. It wasn’t strong on the east shoreline, but the west side of the river had decent concentrations of silvers in fingerling through adult sizes.

A few tarpon were rolling near the baitfish and the occasional snook would blast finger-mullet if they ventured too near the mangrove roots. Smaller jacks and ladyfish were holding under finger-mullet schools, though they seldom bothered the surface swimming mullet.

Ric had constant blow-ups on the white body/red headed wooden top-water plug he was tossing. The jacks and ladyfish wouldn’t leave it alone, though the fish usually missed the plug. Many missed time and time again. While we enjoyed the show, it was a bit frustrating too.

I fared a little better tossing four inch Zman Diezel Minnowz on a SnakelockZ hook. This rig accounted for this snook and several jacks, mangrove snappers, ladyfish and a sennet!

I hope to get out again soon, maybe a live bait trip in the Fort Pierce Inlet.
Capt. Mark Wright

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