Fort Pierce Fishing Report for the Week of 4-30-2023

May 1, 2023
captain john's 26" ft pierce snook
Capt. John with a chubby 26 inch snook that ate a live pilchard in the Fort Pierce Inlet!

Sorry for not posting over the past few weeks, but the relentless winds kept me homebound. The few early morning trips we did manage to squeeze in, though successful, were not worth bragging over.

Hiding in the usual sheltered backwater pools with a good current flow allowed clients to catch several varieties of snappers along with jacks, ladyfish and our normal bottom dwellers. Live shrimp and a light split-shot and a small circle hook did the job.

One of my old friends and current neighbor Capt. John joined Kim and me for a snook trip in the Fort Pierce Inlet. John graciously bought enough pilchards to fill the live-well and we made our way to “the spot” I’ve been fishing.

All it took was Kim casting out the first bait and BAM; one tarpon bite, one tarpon jump and one tarpon laughing at us! John wastes no time in tossing out his pilchard and BAM, another tarpon goes airborne. We’re all enjoying the singing drag and acrobatics when the hook finally tears free.

I get them rebaited and back in the water before I get a bait of my own. One cast, one short drift and Wham, Bam, Thankyou Mam; as the drag screams and the snook reaches the danger zone and breaks my line. Have I mentioned lately; I LOVE Fort Pierce!

We ended up boating only three snook and a bunch of good sized jacks. We also had a few more Big Gurlz break our strings. It might be time to put the heavy rods on the boat.

Until Next Time – Tight Lines!
Capt. Mark Wright


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