Fort Pierce Weekly Fishing Report for 2-26-2023

February 28, 2023
gafftop catfish

We managed three charters this week and though the weather was basically nice, the wind couldn’t make up its mind as to velocity or direction.

With no live shrimp available early Monday morning, Larry tossed a variety of soft plastic lures. We started near the Mangroves with no action and then worked our way out to several spoil islands. I had no trouble catching small jacks, ladyfish and a few trout. I seldom fish though with a single angler I might pick up a rod. The action was actually good; for me, if not for my client.

It took a while coaching the young angler as how to maneuver the lures and more importantly how to detect the bite in the gusting breeze. Eventually he started bending his rod too, I think I was happier for him than we was!

Our second trip started mid-morning at the client’s request. We launched into a hard running incoming tide with westerly winds near twenty mph. One client is vulnerable to motion sickness and we had little options, but to hide in the jungle. Setting up on a couple of deeper holes we caught lots of little mutton snappers and several tasty sand perch along with the requisite catfish and puffers.

Day three was absent of wind in any form or fashion. In fact it was also HOT, even at first light. Tossing topwater plugs near the mangroves, R.J. had several blow-ups that missed the hooks and one bruiser of a spotted seatrout that shook the hooks with her first and only violent headshake! I didn’t have the heart to tell him how big the sow really was.

The all too short topwater bite stopped and we went hours moving from spot to spot with no other action. As we neared the end of our four hour trip the wind started to whisper to us. I heard Mother Nature say “don’t give up now”!

Over the next two hours R.J. and Christian caught ladyfish, jacks and big gafftop catfish at will. We quit when the live shrimp (six dozen) were gone. Sometimes we guides serve our clients best when we ignore the clock!

Until Next Time!
Capt. Mark Wright

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