Indian River Fishing Report for the Week of 9-24-2023

September 25, 2023
Capt. Mark's 30-inch Indian River Snook
This thirty inch backwater snook fell to a Tsunami Tidal Pro walking plug.

It’s been a long while since I ventured forth and onto the waters of my beloved Indian River Lagoon. While I personally do not believe this summer was hotter than “normal”; I will confess that I don’t tolerate temperatures above eighty-five degrees as well as I used to. I simply elected to decline the few charter requests I had and stay out of the heat!

With September’s gradually cooling evenings allowing the once too warm waters to begin dropping into the eighty-five and lower degree ranges my interest in fishing again is restored…

Friday, Kim and I scouted a small backwater area we like for snook and jack activity. Our first stop was a bust, though this sheltered bay did have a good amout of mullet schooling along the mangroves as well as the middle of the bay. Nothing seemed to be preying on the baitfish.

Stop number two had plenty of activity. I caught several jacks on a Tsunami Tidal Pro walking plug and a dandy thirty inch backwater snook!  We quit fishing the area immediately after landing the snook as I planned to return the next morning with clients.

Saturday morning we eased our way into my honey-hole and Bill connected with something that spit the plug as it neared the vessel. It was still a bit too dark to see what it was. Likely, it was a jack as Bill connected with a few more as morning glow gave way to dawn and dawn gave way to daylight. No snook activity, though, so we moved out of the backwaters to a favorite spot with good current flow.


Indian River Pompano
Sabrina with her tournament winning Pompano!

Bill and Sabrina caught fish after fish here and the five dozen live shrimp were quickly eaten up by a variety of snappers, jacks, ladyfish and a pompano of nearly four pounds. The pompano earned Sabrina a tournament Champion plaque from the FSFA and a gift certificate from Strike Zone!

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