Fort Pierce Fishing Report for the week of 2-29-2020

March 5, 2020
Longtime clients, this father and son team made the drive from Cape Canaveral to Fort Pierce to see my new office. Jim and Ryan had to put up with a lot of wind (no surprise here), but caught a boat-load! The guys caught ladyfish, bluefish, jacks, trout, snook and a backwater flounder. Most of their catch came on Z-Man Pearl colored Curly Tailz and Sexy Mullet Jerk Shadz. Topwater plugs at first light produced several ladyfish, the single bluefish and the first two jacks of their trip. As is typical, especially in choppy conditions, they had dozens more “blow-ups” than “hook-ups” on their surface poppers. The thrill of the explosions more than offset the missed bites and the duo happily kept tossing the plugs until the surface action slowed. Jim spent at least half the trip throwing a popping float and live shrimp combo. Yes, the bait stealers took their toll, but trout, ladyfish and jacks ate the shrimp too. Eventually we were forced to hide in sheltered coves to avoid the twenty knot gusting winds. Our catching slowed down, though this is where Ryan caught his flounder and several small snook. Ryan’s bonus fish is a legal flounder that ate a Z-Man Jerk Shadz in the Sexy Mullet color. This fish along with the others was released.
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